Wild Wonder: AkzoNobel Presents the Powder Color of the Year 2023 ― 


The bright, warm golden powder coating color, Wild Wonder, is the powder color of the year 2023, by AkzoNobel. With a fine texture and metallic effect which shimmers under the sun, Wild Wonder intuitively alludes to vast crop fields, with gently moving wheat under the light, connecting us with nature and giving positive energy.

AkzoNobel, the global leader in color, annually announces one of its own shades as “Color of the Year”, through ColourFutures™, a team of experts at the core of its Global Aesthetic Center. Over more than three decades, AkzoNobel’s research center has been responsible for trend analysis, research and development of new colors, and art direction for the entire company. The excellent team of experts in the Global Aesthetic Center discerns social tendencies and documents global trends, translating its insights into products and palettes for all of AkzoNobel’s color sections.

Wild Wonder is one of a palette of eight new colors influenced by nature, its shapes, structures, and colors. By learning from nature architects and designers can create even more comfortable, beautiful spaces in which to live and work. The unique colors in the palette are intended to help people reflect and reconsider their relationship with earth’s natural resources, with the warm, golden tones of the harvest, and the positivity and energy that flows from the happy promise of a new season and a world sustained.

For the powder coating sector, each year the Global Aesthetic Center chooses a trend color with superdurable Interpon D2525 technology, to announce the powder color of the year and its supporting palettes. Wild Wonder, included in the Futura Collection 2022-25 with the code Y220TI, belongs to the “Healing Nature” theme palette, which is dedicated to the colors of nature, and their positive impact upon us.

2023, with Wild Wonder, is a special year for AkzoNobel. “Wild Wonder speaks to us in a language we instinctively understand,” says Heleen van Gent, Creative Director of AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center. “Nature is what inspires us and makes us feel better in our lives and in our homes. That’s why, for the first time in 20 years, our entire color palette is inspired by the rhythms of nature.”

Bob Dirks, Global Segment Manager, Architecture at AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, says: “Everyone needs color. Colors that dazzle and colors that hide, colors that stand out or blend in, in both 2D and 3D. Colors you can see and colors you can’t. Colors that enhance the buildings in which we work and live; the furniture on which we sit and relax; the everyday household products that integrate effortlessly and harmoniously with our everyday lives. “We have a constant desire to help you succeed, creating exceptional colors matched by exceptional support to protect your reputation and ours.”

Interpon powder coatings are designed to enable surfaces to retain their color integrity for longer, thanks to their exceptional levels of durability and performance. They are not only helping designers create a new future, but also protecting it, and making it more sustainable. Backed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), the collection’s raw materials, manufacture and transportation have been assessed by an independent third-party for transparent sustainability credentials. And as powder coatings, the new range of colors is also free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).