The Powder Color Experts Series vol.3: The Blacks ― 

Black is a favorite color among architects, especially since the age of Modernism. Black stands for power, composure, and creates strong outlines, making black architectural components look thinner. As is the case with white, black is not considered to be a color per se, but instead “pure” black is absence of light. The “blackest black” color, recently created with the use of nanotechnology, is called Vantablack and has 99% light absorption, making objects appear as a “black hole” in space, since it completely effaces their perceptible features. The visual effect of Vantablack has been described as “terrifying” or “otherworldly”; actual black colors, however, spread over a range of tonalities, from warm to cool, and feature different color densities, in different gloss and light reflections.

Powder coating black colors produced by AkzoNobel in the superdurable Interpon D2525 technology are featured in many color collections: The Futura Collection, celebrated for its special effects and metallic colors, includes a variety of blacks, in different hues, textures, and sheen. Blacks feature prominently in the Structura Collection, since black is one of the favorite colors for coating metal architectural components which are exposed to touch, such as metal frames, where material tactility is often prescribed. The Superdurable Matt range also features several blacks, with a matt appearance, often desirable for toning down the impact of color. Color /n Architecture has selected eleven black colors with outstandingly different properties, which will be presented in more detail:

 Blacks in the Futura Collection:

Our celebrated Futura Collection, appearing every four years as the result of meticulous research carried out at the AkzoNobel Aesthetic Center, features a curated selection of superdurable special effect colors to expand the limits of architectural creativity. Special effects in powder coating colors involve little elements of dazzle, such as tiny mirror or pearlescent specks, which add a layer of depth, and brilliantly highlight architectural details. Coupled with a tactile dimension involving inviting textures, special effect colors are to be experienced in an immersive, interactive manner. Special effect black shades from the latest editions of the Futura Collection include:

Manganese 2525 – YW280F: A black color named after mineral manganese, with a barely perceptible golden-brown shade, smooth texture, relatively matt gloss, and special effects with shiny particles. From a distance it seems like a regular black, but from close inspection it is a color which highlights architectural details, even in very slender architectural components.

Noir Sable 2100, 2200, 2300 – YW359F, YW360F, YW383I: Three black colors consistently standing out in the Futura Collections, which have become a favorite choice among architects. All three feature special effects with shiny particles, a Sable texture, and matt sheen, but have different color tonalities. Noir 2100 is the lightest and warmest shade, while Noir 2200 is darker and colder, with perceptible blue in its composition and a relatively smoother texture. Noir 2300 is the darkest of the three, with exceptional color density, creating the most outstanding special effect.

Blacks in the Structura Collection:

Interpon D2525 Structura is a series of superdurable powder coatings formulated without TGIC, with a fine textured aspect (Sablé), intended for use on architectural aluminum and galvanized steel. Providing excellent weathering resistance, Interpon D2525 Structura offers significantly higher gloss retention and resistance to color change combined with maximum film integrity to ensure long term cosmetic and functional protection. Color /n Architecture presents four black colors from the Structura Collection in different RAL shades, all with matt sheen and Sable texture:

RAL 9004 (Signal Black) – YN304F: A warm shade of black, with perceptible yellow in its composition.

RAL 9005 (Jet Black) – YN305F: The deepest black of all, with a balance among three primary colors, and slightly marked texture.

RAL 9011 (Graphite Black) – YN311F: A black color bordering on charcoal.

RAL 9017 (Traffic Black) – YN358F: Warm black color with perceptible red in its composition.

Blacks in the Superdurable Matt HR Collection

Interpon D2525 Superdurable Matt is a series of superdurable powder coatings with outstanding weathering resistance, offering excellent gloss retention, resistance to color change, and maximum film integrity. Intended for architectural aluminum and galvanized steel, Interpon D2525 Matt meets the requirements of GSB Master, Qualicoat Class 2, EN 12206, EN13438, as well as AAMA 2604-13. Color /n Architecture presents three selected RAL shades in powder coating colors with the X-Pro technology, guaranteeing outstanding resistance to micro-scratching:

RAL 9004 X-Pro Matt (Signal Black) – YN203I: A warm shade of black, with perceptible yellow in its composition.

RAL 9005 X-Pro Matt (Jet Black) – YN205E: The deepest black of all, with a balance among three primary colors, and slightly marked texture.

RAL 9011 X-Pro Matt (Graphite Black) – YN211E: A black color bordering on charcoal.