The Powder Color Experts Series vol. 2: The Golden ― 

The use of gold in building pretty much explains itself: no other color family has better managed to stand for the display of opulence. Gold, with its amazingly resilient properties, has been associated with timelessness, the brilliance of sunlight, endurance, and refinement. Golden shades range from a deep amber yellow to a toned-down platinum, but their mark is unmistakable. Contemporary architecture has not shied away from using golden shades in aluminium components: initially a color achieved by anodization, gold is now available in many powder coating alternatives, with significant environmental benefits.

Powder coating golden colors produced by AkzoNobel are available in the superdurable Interpon D2525 technology, and they are featured in many color collections: The Futura Collection, celebrated for its special effects and metallic colors, includes a variety of golds, in different hues, textures, and sheen. Golds, however, feature most prominently in the Anodic Collections, as gold is one of the benchmark colors of anodized aluminium. The Superdurable Matt range also features several golds, with a matt appearance, often desirable for toning down the impact of this rather temperamental color range. Color /n Architecture has selected ten golden colors with outstandingly different properties, which will be presented in more detail:

Golds in the Futura Collection:

Our celebrated Futura Collection, appearing every four years as the result of meticulous research carried out at the AkzoNobel Aesthetic Center, features a curated selection of superdurable special effect colors to expand the limits of architectural creativity. Special effects in powder coating colors involve little elements of dazzle, such as tiny mirror or pearlescent specks, which add a layer of depth, and brilliantly highlight architectural details. Coupled with a tactile dimension involving inviting textures, special effect colors are to be experienced in an immersive, interactive manner. Special effect gold shades from the latest editions of the Futura Collection include:

Luxor – Y220TI: A stand-out gold from the newly released Futura Collection 2022-25, this is a smooth, brilliantly metallic gold with an elegant shade, evoking the dazzling opulence of ancient Egypt. Slightly matt in appearance, Luxor is certain to make an impact in many new architectural projects daring to experiment with this minimalist, enthralling color.

Antu – Y2209I: This is a smooth, metallic, yellow gold with a slightly high sheen, that makes a statement against a dark background.

Gondar – YW106I: A smooth, satin metallic gold which the appearance of amber.

Yuma Sable – Y2317F: A pale, almost platinum metallic gold with a fine texture, this is an elegant powder coating color which invites tactility.

Ambre Sable – Y2316F: A sable strong gold color, brought to life with shimmering metallic specks.


Golds in the Anodic Collection:

The Anodic Collection includes an attractive range of matt and metallic effect finishes, providing a great alternative to anodized aluminium, with considerable environmental benefits compared to real anodization. Anodic Collection colors are supplied in Interpon D2525 superdurable polyester technology, to give long service life. Anodic colors are matt, at times appearing iridescent. Selected golds from the AkzoNobel Anodic range include:

Gold Splendour Matt – Y2205I: An intensely metallic, smooth yellow gold color with exceptional depth.

Gold Pearl Matt – YY217E: A smooth, matt yellow gold shade with a toned-down yet discernible metallic effect, it can easily be mistaken for anodization with a golden appearance.

Golden Beach Metallic Matt – YW255F: A pale, smooth gold with very discreet metallic specks, almost blending into the surface.


Golds in the Superdurable Matt range

Interpon D2525 Superdurable Matt is a series of superdurable powder coatings with outstanding weathering resistance, offering excellent gloss retention, resistance to color change, and maximum film integrity. Intended for architectural aluminum and galvanized steel, Interpon D2525 Matt meets the requirements of GSB Master, Qualicoat Class 2, EN 12206, EN13438, as well as AAMA 2604-13.

Pure Gold – Y2M03I: A smooth, intensely matt gold with barely discernible metallic specks blended into its surface.

RAL 1036 (Pearl Gold) Matt – YW272I: Pearl Gold is a RAL color codification for a dark golden shade, appearing almost brown like aged bronze. The intense matt effect adds particular interest to this color, opening many creative possibilities.