Soft Abstraction: The Power of Contemplation Guides the New Theme Palette of the Futura Collection 2022-2025 ― 


The Futura Collection of powder coating colors by AkzoNobel, renewing its theme palettes every four years, is a documentation of social trends unfolding during the period of its elaboration: the Global Aesthetics Center, AkzoNobel’s research branch, translates its insights into colors for metal architectural components, reading into -and also, forming- the market needs for the immediate future. The new Futura Collection 2022-25, discerning the need for calm and detachment from unpredictable situations after the pandemic, dedicates one of its three theme palettes to abstraction and bliss, creating “Soft Abstraction”.

Driven by the power of contemplation, the colors of the Soft Abstraction palette –the most extensive one in the Futura Collection 2022-25- cover a beautiful range of neutral, soft tones and fine metallics. Off-white and light colors, neutral silvers, ochres, blue-gray and petrol, bring vitality and health to open spaces, laying the foundations for people to connect and recharge. The palette includes 18 selected powder coating shades in the Interpon D2525 superdurable technology, specially elaborated for architectural applications.

In detail, the palette contains the following colors:


Detendre (Y2214I): Smooth, matt, discreetly metallic white in the shade of old lace.

Pyrite 2525 (YW207F): Smooth, matt, discreetly metallic warm gray, in the color of pyrite.

Gris 2150 Sablé (YW365F): Light, matt, warm silver-gray with a discreet sable texture and metallic effect.

Canon 2525 (YW279F): Smooth, matt charcoal with a discreet metallic effect.

Silver 2525 (YW206F): Smooth matt silver with an anodic effect and discreet metallic pigments.

Bodrum (Y2349F): Brilliant, matt white with intense metallic effect and sable texture, with an impression of white marble under the sun.

Bleu 2700 Sablé (YW353F): Vibrant blue-black in the shade of the midnight sky, with pronounced metallic effect, and sable texture.

Oia Silky Texture (YL316I): Smooth, warm, matt grey with a reddish hue and exceptionally smooth touch, inspired by the volcanic landscapes of Santorini.

Chicago (Y220SI): Smooth, matt, cool silver with discreet metallic pigments and an anodic effect.

Baku (Y2375I): Brilliant, interactive gray-petrol in the color of the Caspian Sea, with sable texture and pronounced metallic effect.

Aurora (Y2000I): Smooth, mid-glossy, iridescent silver, inspired by the Northern Lights.

Grazalema 2525 (YW266F): Smooth, matt white with metallic and pearlescent pigments, whose name is inspired by Andalusian villages.

Djibouti Sablé (Y4307I): Matt, light pink-reddish ochre with pronounced sable texture.

Bleu 2600 Sablé (YW361F): Dark charcoal with a bluish hue, pronounced sable texture and metallic effect.

Brisbane Sablé (Y2303I): Rich dark blue with sable texture and metallic effect.

Yazd 2525 Sablé (YW370F): Brilliant, matt cream white with sable texture and pronounced metallic effect.

Karako (Y2321I): Matt light gray-silver with pronounced texture and discreet metallic effect.

Gris 2400 Sablé (YW373F): Brilliant, matt gray with pronounced metallic effect and sable texture.