Multi-layer powder coatings Interpon: Redox primers by AkzoNobel ― 

Powder coating, applied on aluminum or steel, attaches very well to metal surfaces, provided that the latter have been properly prepared; it is a fact that color partially contributes to corrosion protection. In certain cases, however, where corrosion protection becomes very important due to external conditions, a powder coating primer is applied first upon the metal surface and, after this layer is polymerized in the oven, the color powder coating follows. This process is called “multi-layer powder coating” and it ensures that the outer layer will stand against any possible damage from hits or extremely adverse weather. Most usually, multilayer powder coating involves two stages (duplex) and, in exceptional situations, it may extend to three (triplex).

There are multiple variables that influence the speed of corrosion, such as the material of a product and the environment in which it is located. Interpon Redox systems each have their own characteristics that answer to these variables; they protect the substrate for various time spans and provide various possibilities for fulfilling the work requirements.

However complicated the selection of the right powder coating system may appear, AkzoNobel has made things simple: Interpon Redox primers were developed combining our long experience and the successful response of our company to the needs of the industry. They are readily available worldwide and our experts support their application to the lines of painting. This way, you are certain that your products are protected all during their lifespan, and more!

​The key benefits of Redox powder coating primers, as developed by AkzoNobel, are:

  • One-stop-shop: full range of products, tools and personal support

  • Maximum protection longevity: for projects in a variety of harsh environments up to category C5.

  • Backed up by AkzoNobel: over 40 years of experience in over 70 countries and in-depth knowledge of corrosion protection.

  • Sustainable choice: VOC-free and contains no solvents or toxic components.

  • Architects and specifiers can choose the right multilayer powder coating system with AkzoNobel products, for excellent protection, tailored to the specific needs of each project. You may consult with our Interpon Redox Corrosion Protection Guide to identify the suitable primer and color system that meets with your product’s environment.

The portfolio consists of:

Interpon Redox Active: A robust primer system with wide curing window and excellent edge protection
Interpon Redox Plus: Offering durable protection for a wide variety of substrates and pre-treatment methods
Interpon Redox PZ: The best performing powder primer for corrosion protection over blasted steel
Interpon Redox Triplex: An extremely protective three-layer system for highly corrosive environments