Interpon EC: Anti-graffiti powder coatings ― 

While the debate of whether graffiti is art or vandalism continues, facts showing the damage caused by graffiti are indisputable: each year many communities, private property owners and public authorities spend millions on clean-up and recoating efforts. Additionally, they suffer from reduced retail sales, property values and ridership on transit system.

“EC” stands for Easy Clean. Interpon EC is a product series including 13 ready-to-ship glossy, smooth powder coating colors that possess anti-graffiti properties, making them a powerful shield against defacement. They are resistant to scratches, corrosion, and chemicals, even after several removals of graffiti.

The high scratch resistance and low porosity-absorption characteristics of the film provide outstanding permanent protection against defacement of public property. Graffiti created with spray paints or marker pens can be effectively removed, repeatedly, without sacrificing coating appearance, durability or weathering properties, using commercially available cleaning agents.

The Interpon EC series presents all the benefits of powder coatings: All colors included are weather and corrosion resistant, easy to clean, they have outstanding chemical resistance for substrate protection, zero VOC emissions and are applied in just one coating.

The physical properties and excellent performance of the powder coatings included in the EC series make them a great choice for protecting public transport (seats, window frames, ceilings, etc.), recreational equipment such as lockers, public furniture, and building equipment. Interpon EC has been chosen by the New York City Transit Authority, the Kawasaki Rail Car and Alstom.

Once applied properly, Interpon EC powder coatings provide a sustainable, carefree solution against graffiti, protecting the appearance and longevity of metal components for a very long time to come.