Healing Nature: Health and Wellness at the Center of the Futura Collection 2022-25 ― 


The Futura Collection of AkzoNobel powder coatings, renewing its theme palettes every four years, is informed by social trends which unfold during its period of research and development. The Global Aesthetic Center, AkzoNobel’s research branch, translates its insights into colors for metal architectural components, reading into, and guiding, market needs for the immediate future. The renewed interest in health and wellness, ignited by the recent pandemic, could not be left out of the Futura Collection 2022-25: This was the guiding force in the creation of the “Healing Nature” color palette.

The ”Healing Nature” theme palette, one out of three comprising the new Futura Collection, focuses on health and well-being. It includes 16 selected powder coating colors with special effects, available in the superdurable Interpon D2525 technology, specifically developed for architectural applications. The colors included in this palette reconnect us with nature, calm, and balance. Natural earthy tones in new greens, warm grays, and organic charcoals, graced with elegant metallic pigments, blend metal architectural components with any natural environment. In detail, the Healing Nature palette includes:

Manganese 2525 (YW280F): Smooth, matt metallic black with shiny pigments in a golden hue, which add a brownish tint, reminiscent of mineral magnesium.

Luxor (Y220TI): Bright, smooth, matt, metallic gold with shiny pigments, alluding to the legendary splendor of ancient Egypt.

Noir 2200 Sablé (YW360F): Matt metallic black with shiny pigments and fine Sablé texture.

Lichen (Y4326I): Interactive, matt green with a Sablé texture, changing from olive to warm silver-gray according to the onlooker’s position.

Gris 2900 Sablé (YW355F): Matt, metallic charcoal with shiny pigments and Sablé texture.

Babua (Y221DI): Smooth, matt, metallic green alluding to the tropical forests of India.

Sumela (Y2208I): Smooth, matt, metallic platinum gold, named after the celebrated Black Sea monastery; it changes from champagne to a rich khaki according to the onlooker’s position.

Tijuka Sablé (Y2306I): Matt, metallic golden-green with an opulent shade and Sablé texture, alluding to the tropical jungle of Brazil.

Starlight 2525 Sablé (YX353F): Exceptionally brilliant matt metallic grey with black and silver shiny pigments.

Gris 2500 Sablé (YW358F): Matt grayish brown with Sablé texture and discreet metallic effect.

Changi (Y2373I): Matt, light green in the color og jade, with discreet metallic effect and Sablé texture.

Samoa (Y220UI): Smooth, matt, dark green-brown, with discreet metallic effect and a name alluding to the lush, dark vegetation of the Pacific islands.

Noir 2100 Sablé (YW359F): Matt charcoal with Sablé texture and pronounced metallic effect.

Brun 2650 Sablé (YW366F): Matt earthy brown with Sablé texture and pronounced metallic effect.

Pachuca (Y220PI): Smooth, matt, earthy brown with an opulent shade and discreet metallic effect.

Galet 2525 (YX050F): Smooth, high-gloss, neutral gray, with discreet metallic effect.