Futura Collection: Four Aesthetic Trends Every Four Years, Distilled in Color. ― 

With the Futura Collection, AkzoNobel and PeclerParis jointly “read” the aesthetic trends prevailing in a time frame of four years and transcribe their insights into architectural colors, in the same way the fashion industry makes and distributes its own selections. The building is “dressed” in colors, exactly like every different body is dressed in clothes. With the colors – or the clothing – one chooses, combining tonality, texture, shine or “special effects” to highlight certain body features, a code of communication is established between each individual person (or building) and its receiving context (social or physical). The main idea is that color (or clothing), besides being a protective coating for the body, is also a powerful, non-verbal mode of communication, directly exposing the individual or collective subconscious. In that spirit, as its name implies, the Futura Collection does not simply “predict” the future: It prescribes it.

The collection first appeared in 1994 and it already counts 20 years of history. Its sixth edition, Futura Collection 2018-21, includes superdurable powder coatings with special metallic effects, combining the latest design trends with the superior protection of the metal substrate only Interpon2525 technology can provide.

The powders in the Futura Collection are classified in four contemporary aesthetic trends, defined by the experts for the time frame 2018-2021: Glam City, Time Out, Treasured Light and Wild Nature.

The Wild Nature theme unit alludes to primitive, untreated natural materials and it is rich in dense earthy browns and khakis, greys and dark charcoal tonalities. The popular colors Gris 2900 Sablé, Brun 2650 Sablé, Blue 2600 Sablé, Mars, Manganese et. al. are now paired with the new Tanami Sablé, Bohol, Innoko Sablé, Tijuka Sablé within the same trend.

The effects in the Time Out group inspire relaxing living spaces with soft tonalities based on off-whites and light, neutral hues. The established Yazd, Grazalema, Gris 2500 Sablé and Gris 2800 Sablé, together with the new Oia, Detendre, Ostuni, Sanctum Silky Texture compose this palette.

The Glam City trend includes modern influences and baroque tendencies with intense, dark and dense tones dominated by deep red, blue and green, such as the new Brisbane Sablé, Rio, Jaipur and Raja, among the famous Noir 2100 Sablé, Noir 2200 Sablé et. al.

The Treasured Light colors are sensual, with a sophisticated metallic glow, alluding to bronze, pink gold, copper and silver effects; the new Aurora, Tasilaq, Antu and Sumela meet with the enduring Silver, Pyrite, Ambre Sablé, Gondar and Ordos Sablé.

Of course, the Futura Collection is not just about new tonalities. The new Futura 2018-21 features two innovative powder coating technologies: Silky Texture, gifting the coating with a soft, silky touch, and Cotton Texture, with a wavy satin texture effect. It is no coincidence that both new architectural powder coating technologies draw their names from the world of textiles: The collaboration between AkzoNobel and PeclersParis remains consistently in tune with the fascinating fashion industry that “dresses” the surface, in research and choices that express exceptional depth.