Collection Futura by AkzoNobel: How Color Trends are developed. ― 

The color and fashion industries are not far removed at all: Color, through its psychological dimensions, is connected to the way people perceive and represent their reality; that way, color becomes a powerful communication tool. Regardless of how fashion may focus upon the surface of things, it is nothing superficial as such. Quite the opposite: Colors that find their way into fashion are the result of the collaborative effort of countless fields of expertise. Experts consider, decide upon and distribute to the market those colors they esteem as the most telling, within a specified time frame relative to their projections. Fashion is an art and science of bewildering depth, forecasting what we will choose for dressing our bodies, or, in the same manner, the bodies of our buildings.

Upcoming trends and color forecasting is one of the most creative, vital activities of AkzoNobel. This gives us the lead in the making of colors that inspire any contemporary creation. As a market leader, AkzoNobel has a steady collaboration with the specialized innovation and design consulting agency, PeclersParis. Based in the global capital of fashion, PeclersParis commits its research work into supporting this fascinating industry. The agency is host to a vast array of experts in their fields; psychologists, social scientists, historians, artists and designers, study and define the upcoming trends in contemporary living, distilling everything into tangible prototypes with immediate market applications. In this framework, PeclersParis and AkzoNobel make a joint forecast of upcoming color and color effect trends, paving the way to the innovative aesthetics of powder coatings.

Every four years, the Analogue research team of AkzoNobel and PeclersParis, meet to prescribe the upcoming architectural color trends in order to create a dazzling color palette with special effects: the celebrated Futura Collection.