Baku: AkzoNobel unveils the Powder Coating Color of the Year 2022 ― 

In the dawn of the post-pandemic era, AkzoNobel unveils its Powder Coating Color of the Year: Baku is an enthralling, indigo-blue textured metallic color that shimmers under the light, appearing at once petrol and warm silver. The innovative shade, which will be featured in the upcoming Futura 2022-2025 collection, is consistent with the “Bright Skies” color theme for all AkzoNobel colors for 2022, a result of rigorous scientific research carried out by color experts in AkzoNobel’s Aesthetic Center.

Many events over the past two years have thrown the social, economic, and environmental aspects of our lives into sharper focus. Extensive global trend research done by a team of AkzoNobel experts and international designers reveals that we’re reassessing what really matters and ready for a fresh approach to everything.

Conducted annually by AkzoNobel for nearly 20 years, the research generates valuable insights that are translated by paints and coatings experts into their respective segments. The result is on-trend, market-specific products, and design inspiration, such as offered by the Futura Collection, that help customers make a strong statement.

Building on the light and airy shades of Bright Skies, which draws out themes such as expansion, open air and the great outdoors, Baku, which is part of the 2022-2025 Futura Collection, at first glance is a soft, shimmering grey, but look closer and you’ll see hints of indigo blue and silver, brighter colors that reflect the limitless skies above us. Look again and as the light dances across it, you’ll get the sense of a surface that is constantly changing, yet somehow staying the same, of the possibility for endless expression.

Named after the capital city of Azerbaijan, on the shore of the Caspian Sea, Baku remains consistent with the branded names of the Futura Collection, which testify to AkzoNobel’s global perspective by referring to outstanding natural settings and iconic cityscapes all over the world. Its shade and materiality allude at once at petrol, at the shimmering surface of the sea, luxury, openness, freedom to travel.

The Futura Collection has been the leading color range in the powder industry for decades, with a color palette which is updated every four years. Colors are not guessed at. They are an art, a discovery supported by science and research. They’re imagined by highly experienced technicians who share other’s imaginations and desires to create stand-out designs that are on-trend and in-tune with their current and future needs. It’s that imagination, and more than 25 years of expertise in color research and development, that has resulted in Baku, our new Color of the Year, a color to widen your creative horizons.