Otago: Plovdiv Plaza by Aluminco ― 

The Plovdiv Plaza mall, in Bulgaria, was recently renovated by Stephen George International, featuring an impressive perforated aluminum façade coated in the superdurable Otago powder by AkzoNobel. The perforated façade panels and their infrastructure system were created by Aluminco, an innovative company in the design and production of aluminum products, consistent in choosing AkzoNobel for their coloring and protection.

The building renovation was completed in 2018, about the same time when Color /n Architecture was born out of the open ideas competition organized by AkzoNobel: Architects were called to submit their proposals for aesthetic and environmental upgrade of selected buildings in Greek cities, using powder-coated aluminum components. From the competition entries, it became evident to us that similar morphologies with those employed on the façade of the Plovdiv Plaza were very popular already among architects: The idea that a façade emulates a fabric with ornamental weavings, “dressing” the building, was nothing new; however, architects needed much more consistent information from our part on the fabrication and painting of such façade systems.

In Plovdiv Plaza, Aluminco provides what is already coveted among architects, featuring the appropriate know-how. The facade consists of approximately 6800m² perforated aluminum panels. Based on the architectural concept of the Mall’s facade, Aluminco’s Research and Development department has developed a customised infrastructure system that enables the fast and safe fitting of the aluminum panels. Impressive facial designs are produced by CNC machines with millimeter accuracy. The panels and the infrastructure have been punched in the cutting-edge installation that meets the Qualicoat certification standards. For this project, the Interpon 2525 powder paints from Akzonobel were ideal, including a 25-year warranty.

The facade, dressing the building like a surface of lace, was coated in the off-white matte metallic Otago powder coating, by AkzoNobel. Otago, belonging to the “Sublimed” section of the Futura Collection, is endowed with a tonality and metallic shine evoking the celebrated Ottago mountains in New Zealand, with their pale rocks and snow-covered peaks, popular among the mountaineering community. Out of serendipity, the Plovdiv region, with similar features, saw its new landmark painted in those exact colors. During the day, the façade components resemble silk threads in their natural tone and shine, highlighting their slended geometry with a discreet gloss; at night, the façade becomes spectacular, with voids doused in color lights and the aluminum profiles in front appearing dark.

The mall, the biggest in the city and in the entire South-Central region, has become a destination for commerce and leisure. Visitors enjoy a vast array of services as well as A-class office spaces for innovative companies looking for a modern environment to create their working spaces.

Architecture: Stephen George International

Color: Otago D2525, Futura Collection / Code: YW263I