Legal Statement

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Colorinarchitecture.gr provides to users/visitors the necessary technological infrastructure for participating to our website. In the framework of the provided services, we enable the publication of photos, texts and comments (hereinafter ‘the Content’). By this present you agree and accept that our services are provided ‘as they are’ and that colorinarchitecture.gr does not take any responsibility and is not liable for deletion, improper delivery, failure to save Content that you send and therefore it is recommended that you save your documents at your personal computer.

Apart from the explicit exceptions (third parties’ rights, co-operators and institutions), the whole content of this website, including images, graphics, photos, designs, videos, texts, provided services and generally of all documents and software of this website, constitute intellectual property of the owner of this website and are protected by the respective provisions of Greek law, European law and of International Treaties. Consequently, none of the hereinabove mentioned can be wholly or partially, object for sale, copy, amendment, reproduction, republication, nor can be uploaded, transmitted or distributed by any means, with the exception of individual storage of one and only copy of a part of the Content in a personal computer, for personal and not public nor commercial use and without deletion of their source and without infringing in any way the respective rights of intellectual and industrial property and only where these actions are permitted. Other products or services referred in this website and bear the trademarks of the relevant organisations, companies, institutions, constitute their intellectual and industrial property and consequently these entities are liable. The user understands and accepts that has no right or any kind of license to reproduce, copy, sell, resell  and/or commercially take advantage of part or of the whole Content of this website.

In case you submit material for uploading at this website (including but not limited to photos, pictures, personal information, know-how, remarks, ideas, questions, techniques, excerpts/summaries or related content) you declare and agree that (i) you are the owner of the content and you have disposal powers (ii) the content is not confidential, (iii) you provide us with an international, permanent license to use, publicise, copy, amend, adjust, expose to public and translate part or all of this content for any purpose and without limitation. We reserve the right at our sole discretion, to move or delete, any content you send us for uploading to this website, without notice.

It is prohibited to send or upload to or from this website any content:

  1. Which is threatening, defamatory, obscene, unpleasant, subversive, offensive, pornographic, abusive, probable to cause racial hate, racist, scandalous, incendiary, blasphemous, by infringement of confidentiality, privacy or content which may cause annoyance or problems or 
  2. For which you have not received all necessary licenses and/or approvals, or
  3. Which is or encourages behaviours that constitute criminal offence,  provokes civil liability or is totally adversary to law or forfeits rights of third parties anywhere in the world or
  4. Which is technically harmful (including viruses, logical bombs, Trojan horses, worms, harmful data, counterfeit data or any other harmful software or data).

It is prohibited to use the website in an improper way (including among others, hacking efforts).

Colorinarchitecture.gr will totally cooperate with the Authorities enforcing law and judicial decisions requesting the disclosure of identity or the identification of any person sending material infringing this present, acting in the framework of the standing legislation.

The user of the website comprehends and accepts that he is exclusively liable to compensate colorinarchitecture.gr and its co–operators for any legal dispute occurs between the website and third parties due to the content the user provided for uploading, publication, or any other transfer via the website’s services.

We reserve our right to whenever amend any part of this website or of this legal statement without notification. Any amendment at this statement will be applicable next time you have access at the website. Regardless of the above we are not obliged to keep this website updated.

Colorinarchitecture.gr reserves the right to amend and/or discontinue temporarily or permanently part or the whole of functionalities with or without notification to users.

The user comprehends and accepts that colorinarchitecture.gr reserves the exclusive right to discontinue the use of password(s) to the services of the website and/or discontinue to provide its content to users which are considered to have infringed the letter and the spirit of the these terms of use.

This website may contain content which is intellectual property of third parties (for example photos, pictures, articles, data entries or excerpts/summaries), as well as links to third parties’ websites. We provide this material and links for the service of users of this website. We do not in any manner control the content and the web pages owned by third parties or the texts of third parties which are referred hereinto, or that are accessed or provided by this webpage; therefore, we do not countersign, financing, recommend or in any other way accept any liability for these websites of third parties or for their content or availability. More specifically, we do not take and do not accept any responsibility which may result from the claim that the content owned by third parties (published by this or any other website) infringes the rights of intellectual property of any person, or any liability arises as a result of any information or opinion which is included in this website or in a third party’s text.

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This statement is governed by Greek and European law, as well as where provided, by International law.  For any conflict may arise by the use or with respect to this website, exclusively competent are the Courts of Athens.

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