POP Color Box: Point of Promotion ― 

Every enduring relationship relies on empathy; this is the ability to look at things from another one’s perspective, and to consider ourselves from their position. AkzoNobel Coatings SA keeps designing new products to be able to effectively communicate with architects, allowing them to take initiative on their own, to be ready to ask for our informed, expert opinion on specifying the proper color for the metal architectural components in their work.

The idea for our original, 3-dimensional color swatch tool, entitled “POP Color Box”, was the result of a simple necessity: We wanted to provide the architects with the opportunity to sample twenty curated Interpon powder coating colors, applied on large metal surfaces, quite unlike the typical, card-sized color samples. This way, they will be able to observe color properties with all their senses, and to further perceive their special effects as the oversize samples move and interact with their environment under changing light. It was our wish that architects did their color sampling in immersive space, and that they were able to touch upon the powder coatings, set against different materials. This way, we suggested the rectangular frame as the most proper form for the color samples; this shape directly alludes to actual metal frames in construction and allows for sampling in actual 1:1 scale.

Of course, we also wanted this new tool to be endowed with great artistic value: We have long understood that, working with architects and other creative professionals, we need to speak the same language. For this, we entrusted the design to our award-winning, long-time partner, Semiotik Design Agency. We put our trust in Semiotik once more, because their work in designed communication is marked by simplicity, functionality, and efficiency, always with a strong emotional response.

Semiotik Design’s Art Director, Dimitris Koliadimas, and his team, investigated the potential of the project focusing on perspective, given that perspective bears strong associations to architectural perception. Perspective is linked to architecture, not only through building size and form, but also through the changing viewpoint of the onlooker upon buildings. The end result incorporates the principles of perspective by means of scale, form, and geometry. Furthermore, it has great artistic merit, being informed by Op Art or kinetic typography. Its originality lies in applying those principles in three-dimensional space without losing any of their force, and in soliciting constant user engagement.

The form of the designed object allows users to immediately establish connections between the selected color and its applications in space. A pure rectangular prism of consecutive frames, colored in Interpon powder coatings, creates a powerful perspective towards its center. The colors are arranged from lighter to darker tones, form front to back; the gradually increasing frame thickenss, overlapping with the gradually darkening color tonalities, augments the sense of depth, to an immersive effect. The color samples are either smooth or textured (Sablé), and many feature special effects, such as metallic specks. The frames work as a whole or individually; each frame can be easily removed to focus the user’s attention on a specific point in space, intensifying their perspective through the color that is being tested for application.

The color sample tool was named “POP”, alias for “Point of Promotion”, since AkzoNobel’s initial idea was to mainly use the color frames at exhibitions. However, we were so excited with the result that we further decided to distribute the Color Box to selected partners of our company, as a functional, and aesthetic, working tool.

The center stage at the color sampler is taken by the powder coating colors belonging to the celebrated Futura Collection by AkzoNobel, with their enthralling special effects; however, the sampler also features powder coatings in anodic colors, without the ecological drawbacks of anodization. All powder coatings included in the samples belong to the Interpon D2525 technology, supported with 25 years of warranty.

The twenty powder coating colors selected for the POP Color Box are:

Grazalema 2525 / YW266F [Futura Collection]

Detendre / Y2214I [Futura Collection]

Yazd 2525 Sablé / YW370F [Futura Collection]

Oia Silky Texture / YL316I [Futura Collection]

Toledo 2525 / YW271F [Metallics]

Gris 2800 Sablé / YW356F [Futura Collection]

Beige 2525 / YW276I [RAL (Metallic)]

Gris 2500 Sablé / YW358F [Futura Collection]

Pyrite 2525 / YW207F [Futura Collection]

Gris 2150 Sablé / YW365F [Futura Collection]

Soft Silver / Y2203I [Anodic]

Soft Champagne / Y2204I [Anodic]

Tijuka Sablé / Y2306I [Futura Collection]

Mars2525 Sablé / YX355F [Futura Collection]

Innoko Sablé / 4306I [Futura Collection]

Brun 2650 Sablé / YW366F [Futura Collection]

Bleu 2600 Sablé / YW361F [Futura Collection]

Gris 2900 Sablé / YW355F [Futura Collection]

Noir 2100 Sablé / YW359F [Futura Collection]

Noir 2300 Sablé / YW383I [Futura Collection]