Pipedesign: Immersive objects made in Italy ― 

Pipedesign is a new company that designs and manufactures products whose signature material is bent metal wire, capturing space inside very thin, repetitive frames. However prominent the visual aspect of the company’s work appears, drawing from graphic design and visual communication, the functional objects are conceived as multisensory, immersive installations, activating at once sight, sound, touch and smell.

From its inception, the company set as its goal to remain consistent with the values of craftsmanship “made in Italy”, allowing customers the possibility to request tailor-made customizations in colors and finishes. Their series of industrial products is, in fact, largely executed by hand and their simple appearance is highlighted with exceptional detailing and careful consideration for emotional impact, sustainability and execution. The designers’ unconventional formal and material choices result in artisanal products that turn into unique pieces.

Among Pipedesign’s most recent work, the rocking chair “Martina” from 2019 was the biggest challenge. A metal support reminiscent of hydroplanes and a seat of olive wood laminate were designed for distribution in two variations – Elegance and Vintage. The design, the shapes, the choice of materials immediately proved to be an ambitious test. Many potential suppliers found the project too expensive and difficult to implement but it was not acceptable to abandon the original idea. “Martina” had to be a rocking chair that communicated emotions to the sight, touch and smell and had to be built exactly as it was imagined.

The choice of wood (essence of olive tree for the Elegance version and essence of black fossil oak for the Vintage one), its perfume and the velvet effect are the result of a manufacturing process that make the back malleable, soft and lively to the touch as if it were skin.

The stitching by hand, point by point, embellishes the work as well as the choice of iron legs painted in matt black powder in the Elegance version and orange powder coated in the Vintage version. Any paint could not be used because the goal was to give the desired material effect. Manual skills in this product play a central role: from start to finish.

The choice was AkzoNobel Powder Coatings Interpon D, a powder paint with an embossed surface (mat or glossy depending on the color) formulated to be applied on aluminum and galvanized steel, without the addition of TGIC. AkzoNobel Powder Coatings are chosen for many Pipedesign products since they share sustainable production and performance principles, as well as the exceptional tactility and color retention required for illustrating exceptional work.