Cookies and IP address
Cookies are small bits of text that are sent to your web browser and are placed on your computer’s hard drive.

We use the following types of cookies:

1. Necessary cookies
These cookies are necessary for the function of our website when signing up is needed (i.e. photo or comment uploading). Without the use of this type of cookies the function of photos and comments uploading of our website will not work.

For the function of our website when signing up is needed (i.e. photo or comment uploading) the use of this type of cookies is necessary.

2. Performance Analysis Cookies
We use this type of cookies to collect information about the performance of our website and how our visitors use our website. These cookies provide us with information which enables us to provide better services to visitors. Further, these cookies enable us to define the pages which do not function properly and need maintenance or development.

How to control, manage or disable cookies

Most of the web browsers are set up to accept cookies. You can modify your web browser to block cookies. The web browser you use allows you not only to see the collected cookies but also to manage their use.

Further, your web browser permits you to partially delete cookies or to disable them from any website. One other way to control cookies is the request for prior consent, which however may slow down your visit to the web. 

In order to manage cookies, please click on one of the browsers below and follow the instructions:
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari

You can manage cookies by allowing or disabling all or part of them. You can also set up your web browser if you do not wish to receive cookies from any website. Further, you can set up your web browser to ask your consent before accepting any type of cookie. In that way, you get the total control on cookies; however it will slow down your web browsing.