Structura Collection Interpon D2525 ― 

A collection of 75 RAL shades, developed with AkzoNobel’s Interpon D2525 technology. Structura powder coatings come in a light grainy texture (sablé effect) and low matt. Interpon D2525 are superdurable powder coatings which meet the demanding weathering requirements of the European specifications Qualicoat class 2, GSB Master, and AAMA 2604 (USA) 5 years Florida Test. Structura, featuring unsurpassed anti-scratch surface properties, are the leading color choice for metallic surfaces of constructions for shades specified according to the international RAL system.

After a series of measurements on real buildings around the world since 1991, results prove that superdurable Interpon D2525 powders maintain their original shade and shine for a very long time. Structura powders offer includes a long-term color Project Guarantee* for up to 25 years.

For more information contact us at  powder@akzonobel.com / +30210 8160160

*Project Guarantees subject to Special Terms and Conditions