Tijuka Sablé: House in Euboea ― 

The latest work by Tense Architecture Network, now at the final stages of construction, is a house in Euboea on an inclined plot, offering generous sea views over the nearby gulf.

The structure of the building is of reinforced concrete. Painted with earthy, absorbent paint, it remains untreated on roofs, insulated and covered with dry-laid panels on the inside, accompanied by brick-walls. The frames are made of aluminum, double glazed, with an outer roller, along a few fixed glass panels. All metal components are coated in Tijuka Sablé, a golden-green bronze colored powder coating by AkzoNobel with the texture of fine sand and a signature metallic shine. Tijuka belongs to the Futura 2018-2021, a curated color palette reviewed every four years by AkzoNobel in collaboration with Peclers Paris trend consultants. One of the main themes in the 2018-21 collection is “Wild Nature”, where contemporary ecological sensibilities meet with exotic landscapes and with the desire of voyage discovery. Tijuka is a superdurable paint for architectural application, evocative of the feel emanating from the lush Tijuca tropical park on the hills above Rio de Janeiro. Dark green vegetal hues are combined with the texture and color of the golden rocky hills, together the shimmering ocean in the background: The result is a unique color tone with the feel of fine sand, where tiny specks of metal shimmer under the sunlight falling upon the coated surface.

The building stretches along the diagonal, inscribed in a triangle to associate to the outdoor space and the view, maintaining a distance from the adjacent plots. Its spaces evolve on two levels -the first one taking up the entrance hall, while the living room and the sleeping quarters are found on the second. The main areas of the residence are located on the perimeter of an atrium that houses its internal courtyard. The living spaces are placed to the southwest and are connected to the sleeping quarters via internal corridors. The first level hosts the entrance, the parking and other underground supportive spaces: swimming pool infrastructure, a cellar and storage.

An elongated curve-shaped outdoor space is a further expansion of the daytime space to the southwest, hosting a pergola of metallic elements in the same pattern. The swimming pool is formed in a sculptural way, from visible uncoated concrete. Its circular shape works in addition to the triangular prism, freely placed into the surrounding countryside. Uncovered space is formed by surfaces of pressed or natural soil, appropriately planted with dry-heat shrubs and trees.
The project, now in the final stages of construction, is now only represented in renderings; those can only convey a segment of the impression the building will make upon its future inhabitants.

Architectural Design: Tense Architecture Network
Location: Euboea, Greece
Year of Construction: 2020
Color Description: Tijuka Sablé Futura Collection 2018-21, Akzo Nobel
Code: Y2306I