The Powder Color Experts Series vol. 1: The Whites ― 

AkzoNobel has a passion for color: In AkzoNobel Powder Coatings Greece, we are committed to our mission of educating the architectural and design community on the countless nuances and possibilities of color applications, to facilitate the choice of the right product from our range. Introducing our Powder Color Expert Series, we begin the year with a detailed, comparative presentation of color families from within our Interpon D2525 superdurable powder coatings. The first color family to be elaborated in-detail is the whites: Color /n Architecture presents a curated selection of Interpon D2525 superdurable powder coating whites, including some of our best-sellers from the Futura, Structura, and Superdurable Matt collections.

White is not technically a color: it is pure light. There is, however, a broad range of colors within the spectrum which can identify as “whites”: their shades are light, and their color hues are subdued to the point of being barely noticeable. In many cultures, white is identified with purity, health, cleanliness, and spirituality. Architects love white for its property of highlighting building geometries through shadow contrasts, adding to a sculptural result like no other color can.

It is no coincidence that the first ever Superdurable Architectural powder coating application was in white: Back in 1991, our Powder Coatings business was chosen to supply products for a new, five-story Patient Tower at the Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California, designed by RBB Architects. Powder coatings were applied on the aluminum cladding of the facades, and on the frames. Given the projected lifespan of the building, architects chose the most durable powder coating system available at the time, Interpon D2000, which continues to exceed all performance expectations -aesthetic, technical, and economic- even in California’s tough climate. Meanwhile, during the very same period in the early 1990ies, we had our first breakthrough in reducing environmental output; supplying the first superdurable powders, Interpon D2525, we discarded all toxic components from our color formulations, providing the market with the first high-performance ecological powder coating colors. Interpon D2525 is the technology used today in most architectural applications, and it covers an exceptionally broad range of powder coating colors, in different shades, textures, gloss and special effects.

AkzoNobel produces powder coatings covering the entire RAL Color Standard, which codifies color shades only – not texture, gloss, or special effects: the latter need to be specified by architects, using physical samples, which provide a complete description of the color, in its materiality. Whites, identified with the number 9 as the first digit in their RAL code, appear in various Interpon D2525 powder coating collections.



Whites with Special Effects:

Special effects in powder coating colors involve little elements of dazzle, such as tiny mirror or pearlescent specks, which add a layer of depth, and brilliantly highlight architectural details. Coupled with a tactile dimension involving inviting textures, special effect colors are to be experienced in an immersive, interactive manner. Our celebrated Futura Collection, appearing every four years as the result of joint research between AkzoNobel and Peclers Paris, features a curated selection of superdurable special effect colors to expand the limits of architectural creativity. Special effect whites from the latest editions of the Futura Collection include:

Bodrum – Y2349F: The newcomer from the Futura Collection 2022-25, this is a sparkling metallic white with sable texture and a slightly yellow shade, reminiscent of aged marble. Belonging to the Soft Abstraction color palette, its name is inspired by the ancient city of Bodrum/Alicarnassus, on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, bathed in sunlight.

Grazalema – YW266F: A Futura Collection favorite, featuring once again in the 2022-25 in the Soft Abstraction color palette, Grazalema is a smooth matt white with metallic and pearlescent specks, gracing coated white surfaces with a golden, iridescent glow as one interacts with the color.

Detendre – Y2214I: A creamy, warm, smooth matt pearlescent white with the impression of old lace, Detendre appears once more in the Soft Abstraction color palette of the Futura Collection 2022-25.

Cotton – YA406I: A soft, matt white with a texture reminiscent of citrus peel, clouds, or cotton, this color belongs to the Time Out color palette of the Futura Collection 2018-21.

Ostuni – Y2211I: A silky, smooth metallic white from the Time Out color palette of the Futura Collection 2018-21, its special effects are delicate and almost imperceptible at first glance: it takes closer observation to discover the amazing depth and potential of this white.


Whites in the Structura Collection.

Interpon D2525 Structura is a series of superdurable powder coatings formulated without TGIC, with a fine textured aspect (Sablé), intended for use on architectural aluminum and galvanized steel. Providing excellent weathering resistance, Interpon D2525 Structura offers significantly higher gloss retention and resistance to color change combined with maximum film integrity to ensure long term cosmetic and functional protection.

RAL 9001 (Cream) – YU301F

RAL 9002 (Grey White) – YU302F

RAL 9003 (Signal White) – YB303F

RAL9010 (Pure White) – YA310F

RAL9016 (Traffic White) – YA316F

RAL1013 (Oyster White) – YD313F


Whites in the Superdurable Matt HR Collection

Interpon D2525 Superdurable Matt is a series of superdurable powder coatings with outstanding weathering resistance, offering excellent gloss retention, resistance to color change, and maximum film integrity. Intended for architectural aluminum and galvanized steel, Interpon D2525 Matt meets the requirements of GSB Master, Qualicoat Class 2, EN 12206, EN13438, as well as AAMA 2604-13.

RAL 9003 (Signal White) – YA203F

RAL 9010 (Pure White) – YA210F

RAL 9016 (Traffic White) – YA216F