Prodea HQ: LEED points added with the choice of Interpon Powder Coatings ― 

The headquarters of Prodea Investments, the leading real estate investment company in Greece, recently saw a spectacular renovation, signed by Urban Soul Project. The building is located in the historical center of Athens, at the heart of the commercial center, on Chrysospiliotissis str.. It is a through building towards Miltiadou st. and comprises a basement, ground floor, mezzanine, two typical floors, two setback floors, a terrace and a rooftop overlooking the Acropolis. The operating structure of the company requires working in groups, teamwork, and open space layouts, as well as confined management offices, small meeting rooms, a spacious boardroom, and a large multi-functional space.

The architectural design of the Prodea offices had three main goals: to intervene in a pre-war building with a listed façade while maintaining its significant decorative features, to convert it in order to meet the highest standards of modern office spaces and to meet the design specifications of LEED and WELL, two of the most prominent international design standards for buildings. The building will in fact be the first in Greece to meet the WELL standards for office buildings.

The LEED certification deals with the sustainability of buildings and their ability to meet the demands of the ongoing climate change. More specifically, it addresses indoor air quality, thermal comfort, natural lighting, reduced energy consumption and the associated costs, reducing the environmental footprint through the rational use of resources and materials, as well as water saving. The WELL certification focuses on well-being and the improvement of health and everyday living of building occupants, by achieving high levels of soundproofing, improved ergonomics, reduced odors, monitoring air quality and implementing specific design standards. Crucial in that direction is the incorporation of design elements inspired by nature and biophilia, the extended use of new technologies that allow the automation of lighting, ventilation, safety and other features, controlling and helping meet the necessary design specifications, while simplifying the everyday life of building occupants at the same time. It is the first building in Greece to meet both criteria, ensuring its operation at the highest office building standards. The choice of Interpon powder coatings contributes to the building’s sustainable goals:  powder coatings in selected metal components, both in the interior as well as on the impressive roof garden. Powder coatings, with their sustainable production and environmental declarations, add LEED points to the building and guarantee a long lifespan.

In terms of layout, the reception, lounge and multi-functional space are located on the ground floor, while the mezzanine accommodates the central boardroom, which features polarized glass panels allowing views to the ground floor spaces below. The interior of the building was modified to achieve an integrated rather than segmented operation, highlighting at the same time its distinctive features, such as the marble staircase with the handrail, the old elevator with the wooden booth and the plaster decorations of the ceilings. By keeping the openings on the ceilings of the first and second floors, the spaces maintain visual communication between them, as the circulation areas of the offices are distributed around the former.

The first two floors accommodate open-plan and confined offices, while the management offices are located on the third floor and the breakout space with its external space are located on the fourth. The rooftop is an open-space event area with a pergola and vegetation. An organic model of cluster desks has been implemented in the open-plan office spaces, which has a circular form and wave finishing, coated with sound-proofing fabric. The confined offices are defined using special, sound-proofing glass in curved or flat shapes with door openings.

The artwork in the spaces is a statement for the relationship between PRODEA and the Contemporary Greek Art and artists, which in certain cases were commissioned to create art especially for the company. This allows for the artwork to be integrated into the architectural design, rather than constitute a post hoc addition.

Overall, the design approach is defined by a balance between contemporary and timeless features in the arrangement, layout, materials, innovative technology applications, creating an environment both aesthetically exceptional and technologically advanced.

Design by: Urban Soul Project

Photography: Yiorgis Yerolymbos


YB303F / RAL 9003 Structura, Interpon D2525

Y2304I / Tasilaq Interpon D2525 Sable, Collection Futura

YL321F / RAL 7021 Structura, Interpon D2525

Y2316F / Ambre Interpon D2525, Collection Futura