Framing the view: Ammoudi House ― 

The house is located on the northeast corner of the island of Zakynthos, Greece, in the summer village “Ammoudi”, that is named after the small beach in front of the site.

The house enjoys unlimited views of the sea, and it is surrounded by lush vegetation, with trees and vines creating a private garden.

The design merges the building into the surrounding landscape of low vegetation and provides all areas of the house with a sea view.

The house is composed of three volumes that integrate parts of the garden and follow the gentle natural slope of the site.

The central volume, which accommodates the living-communal areas, opens out through the large glazed screens to the sea, to the stepped garden on the east and to the courtyard and the olive garden on the west. The views from the interior spaces are extended with pergolas. The transparency of the parallel glazed surfaces, which occupy the entire height of the space, strengthens the visual penetrability and eliminates the boundaries between the interior and the exterior. Dark colors are chosen for the frames, to make them barely perceptible. The visual extension of the interior spaces is repeated by the stepped volumes of the sleeping areas.

All internal living areas can be converted into a large outdoor covered space when the sliding glass panels are opened.

Indoor and outdoor, shaded or open spaces constitute three unities in relation to the functions of the house and accommodate different degrees of privacy.

The colors and the fragrances of the garden, the sound of the sea and the changes of the natural light constitute integral part of the house features which contribute to the pleasure of living it.


Architect: Katerina Valsamaki

Structural Design: Ergosystem ΕΠΕ Chrysanthos Kalligeros

Electro-Mechanical study: George Giannopoulos

Construction/Supervision: Katerina Valsamaki

Text: Katerina Valsamaki

Photographer: Konstantinos Thomopoulos

Powder Coating / Aluminium profiles : Gris 2800 Sable

Code: YW356F AkzoNobel