Futura Collection 2022-2025: Pioneering color trends for the post-pandemic world ― 

The Futura Collection, presented by AkzoNobel Powder Coatings every four years, is the cornerstone of our powder color innovation, a result of meticulous research by the AkzoNobel Global Aesthetics Centre, our in-house think tank with a mission to study emerging social trends and to translate them into new colors, for release in the market. The Futura Collection features the most spectacular powder coating colors manufactured with Interpon D2525 superdurable technology, most of which display special effects in their materiality: Beside their shade, colors in the Futura Collection have original textures, various degrees of sheen ranging from high gloss to matt, and often display special effects, such as enthralling metallic or pearlescent specks among the color pigments.

The Futura Collection is structured along specific themes, which permeate the color trends in the entire AkzoNobel paints and coatings business, bringing them into the new powder coating colors, as thematic color palettes. The 2022-2025 new Futura Collection, whose research and development period has been marked by the emergence of the global pandemic, relies on three palettes which reflect the aspirations of the post-pandemic world: “Merging Worlds”, “Soft Abstraction”, and “Healing Nature”.

Merging Worlds

To design the global buildings of the future, it helps to reflect the beauty of the past. Using deep, crimson reds and subtle browns, the Merging Worlds palette elevates authentic materials like brick and metallic finishes to create a bold and powerful statement. Building on warm, rich tones, Merging Worlds plays on the theme of traditional craftmanship from across the globe, creating comforting finishes that capture the style past with a nod to the future.

Healing Nature

With a renewed focus on health and wellbeing, Healing Nature provides the chance to reconnect with the world and find the balance to contrast our busy lives. The trend showcases a range of natural shades – greens and earthy tones, organic shapes, and unrefined patterns – that provide a grounding quality to bring us, and our architectural designs, closer to the surrounding environment bringing a sense of tranquility and calm.

Soft Abstraction

Driven by the power of contemplation, the colors cover a beautiful range of neutral, soft tones and fine metallics. Bring vitality and health to open spaces, laying the foundations for people to connect and recharge. It’s the chance to escape the everyday and move to a brighter world, with a more colorful sense of community and purpose.

At first glance, the Futura Collection 2022-2025 documents the reemergence of vibrant, opulent shades, after a long period of mostly subdued colors. The Merging Worlds palette includes warm red and copper tones, which have recently been made prominent in art and fashion around the world. Even the Soft Abstraction palette, which includes Baku, the 2022 powder coating color of the year, makes bold color statements with discernible shades, in lieu of the predominantly off-white choices of previous collections. The Healing Nature palette understandably includes earthy, natural colors, but those too display a notable vibrancy.

Color seems to be making a bold comeback in the coming four years, and it is now up to the architects and designers’ creativity to make the best use of what our color expertise has consolidated in the new Futura Collection. Color /n Architecture will further elaborate in the Futura Collection 2022-2025 insights in a series of coming articles, to help you with your color decision-making.