314 Architecture Studio: Whites as an entire color spectrum. ― 

Pavlos Chatziangelidis (314 Architecture Studio ) makes signature use of whites, cast upon sculptural forms. Whites in architecture are a class of colors with their own materiality and performance properties, and they are chosen to match specific requirements.

The architect finds very interesting how white may be applied as a canvas, illustrating the countless gradations of color in natural light: White contains all the colors visible in the spectrum, however it may be perceived as “achromatic”. The composition never stays the same, but changes dynamically, illustrating different hues. For example, during the day, when natural light appears different according to the outside temperature, and is perceived in a different tone, the color white highlights exactly this transition: warm light during daytime fades into cold, at sunrise and at sunset. Moreover, white accentuates the sculptural components of form, allowing for dramatic contrasts between bright and shaded elements, as well as between textured and smooth surfaces. White, in his projects, is expressed in different materialities, each one interacting in a different way with natural light, resulting in visual interest.

The choice of white is consistent with sustainable design, because it is a considerably heat-absorbing coating.

Other colors used in the work of 314 Architecture Studio are usually much more intense: For instance, the entire terrace of the studio in Athens, is painted a bright magenta. Bright colors are employed as a means of creating an abstract, intense impression; they cover everything like a sheet, so that space may be intelligible through this atmospheric veil, which reduces visual noise.

For architectural details, such as frames, the choice of color is black; this is for integrating those elements into the deeper recessions of space, where shadow is mostly prominent, in a way that color does not interfere with the form of the outer shell.

In C29, white is applied as marble dust, sprayed on site; this material provides a sculptural finish, and emulates the texture of loadbearing stone. It is stuccoed in a gradient manner, from smooth to textured surface.

In H3, white is a waterproof acrylic for outdoor use, in glossy finish, that reflects the shimmering water of the outdoor pool. High-resistance sealant was used to protect the floor and walls from moisture erosion.

In H34, white is a water-repellent durable acrylic, in glossy finish, that reflects natural and artificial light upon indoor and outdoor spaces. Color contributes in heat protection and energy saving. The glossy finish highlights the cold hues in natural light, at sunrise and sunset.

The studio office building, Les Lumières à la Campagne, is coated in extra glossy oil paint, to accentuate the patina and texture of the walls of the old detached residence, and to reflect natural and LED light. The terrace was covered in poly coating colored deep magenta, to match the color of the LED lights animating the white surfaces; the objective was to create a space with an inclination for dreaming.

Projects by 314 Architecture Studio have been twice nominated for the European Union Architecture Prize, Mies van der Rohe Award (2017, 2019). An extensive presentation of their work is featured on the May issue of EK-magazine .